Tech Talks in 20

S3 Ep. 1 The key to retaining top CX development talent

July 13, 2022

Retaining top talent is a perpetual challenge for customer experience (CX) leaders. To deliver outstanding customer experiences, you need to keep your best agents. But it’s equally important to retain your technical team, including the software engineers who build and maintain the tools in your CX ecosystem.

In this episode, Jason Alley, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Genesys, joins as guest co-host to discuss how one Genesys customer motivated software engineers to drive CX innovation — and found the key to retaining them. Richard Trucker, Software Engineering Manager at OVO Energy Ltd., explains how empowering engineers to solve problems in collaboration with business teams yielded rapid CX innovation. And it differentiated its brand and motivated the development team with quick feedback and satisfying results.

Jack Nichols, VP of Product Management for Genesys Cloud CX rounds out the conversation with insights into how a composable CX ecosystem empowers software engineers and fosters co-creation.